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THE PIG is a simple tool developed out of a desire to carry less stuff on the fireground.

Chris went through a paid fire academy (John Hancock Fire Academy) in California prior to beginning his career in Austin, Texas. In California, Chris learned the value of the pick-head axe for pulling roofing material during roof operations and it came in handy during overhaul operations.

When he started working in Texas, the department’s axe of choice was the flat-head and the pick-head just sat on the truck. With 14 years as a tailboard at Station 18, one of the busiest stations in Austin, Chris came up with the idea for THE PIG.

LoneStar Axe collection of axes

He was carrying a flat-head as part of a set of irons, had a scabbard with a pick-head axe, and was carrying a hook. He found they rarely used the cutting edge of the axe and wanted to lighten the load.

At 8 pounds, THE PIG combines the working ends of a flat-head and pick-head axe making THE PIG the most versatile tool on the fireground. THE PIG has many uses including roof operations, forcible entry and general overhaul.

LoneStar Axe collection of axes

On the roof, THE PIG is excellent at ventilation easily plowing through layers of tar and shingles of residential roofs and commercial roofs. THE PIG can be used to make indication holes or to create a foothold on steep surfaces.

For forcible entry THE PIG will break and punch through locks, breach walls of various types including brick, and remove burglar bars. Use a baseball swing to open doors, or use THE PIG with a halligan to forcing inward and outward swinging doors and to create gaps between the door frame and the door.

During general overhaul, THE PIG is useful for pulling down drywall, shiplap, trim, lathe and plaster.

LoneStar Axe listened to your requests for a 6 pound version of THE PIG and began selling The Piglet in 2016. The Piglet can be used in the same manner as THE PIG, but its compact design and lighter weight make The Piglet a perfect personal-carry striking tool or officer’s tool.

Manufactured in Lockhart, Texas, the heads of THE PIG and The Piglet are made of tool grade steel and are designed to withstand a beating. The heads are paired with high quality Nupla fiberglass handles to create a solid tool from top to bottom.

In 2018, Chris hit 20 years and is now a Lieutenant in the Spec Ops battalion. He owns and operates LoneStar Axe with his wife, Sara.

Chris and Sara Moren